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Thread: Rider to Passenger Intercom Communication

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    Quote Originally Posted by xp8103 View Post
    Here's a question. PTT. How is it done by both pilot and pillon? Does the passenger have a button too? Or am I missing something?
    we both have PTT on seperate bikes, on the pilot/pillion set up,only the pilot can switch the options.The pillion is totally VOX.
    I believe the Baehr system does have a seperate PTT for passenger.
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    Ok, thanks!
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    Actually although Autocom does not make a PTT setup for the pillion and passenger if you buy the PTT lead (there are 2, the more expensive one is what I use for myself the cheaper one for the pillion) cut off the plug and splice the wires into riders PTT lead you have PTT for both. This works without any problems on my '06 RT and Autocom Super Pro. The only thing to remember is that the 3 way switches have to be set the same way on both PTT switches. It is nice to not have the "honey hit the switch I want to talk to whichever friend we happen to be riding with". I mounted the pillion switch under the R grab bar.

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    I have an Autocom Pro 7. I picked it up at a discount when the newer models were being released a few years ago. It has worked well for me. The only input I would offer is consider future needs when buying the unit. I started off with rider to passenger communication and wired my factory radio into the system. Three years later and I have a radar detector, GPS and bluetooth phone linking with the system. Fortunately the base unit I purchased allowed me to add features. Also, beware the cost of cables when estimating costs. The connecting cables are first rate and have performed flawlessly but they are not inexpensive.
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    You might want to look at what Starcom has to offer. Look up ask for Jeff (The owner). When I called him in California, he was talking to me on his BT helmet kit through the Starcom system while he was riding. Sounded clear to me and I'm in NC.

    Very nice guy and extremely helpful. I bought a new digital system from him. Same capabilities as Autocom but less $$.

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    Moto Comm Rider Li nk ST-1 Is a the most complete and affordable intercom, communications and audio system available for driver and passenger of a motorcycle.

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