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Thread: GPS help

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    GPS help

    I have a 2005 GS1200 and would like to add a GPS unit. The new Zumo is really expensive and I was looking for some advice on which units are good and won't break the bank.

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    I bought a Mio MOOV 310 as the price was realistic ($200) and it has a decent sized screen.
    However it's been now't but bother- I've sent it back twice as the battery won't hold a charge; they refuse to replace it with a new one or give me a refund. Last go round they said they'd replace it with a "factory reconditioned unit'- guess what, it had the identical serial number to the dud I shipped them.
    Been waiting for a return phone call all day-PITA
    My advice, spend a little extra and buy something other than a Mio !!!!
    Good luck, sorry about the rant.
    Ian Robert "Scoobs" Scobie

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    Go to Ebay you can find a Garmin 2720 for less than $150.


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    Thread in Airheads.

    Quote Originally Posted by RocRoc View Post
    Go to Ebay you can find a Garmin 2720 for less than $150.

    There is a thread in Airheads with a lot of good info. The Garmin 2720 is a recommended GPS. Amazon is another place to purchase as well. I was bidding on a used 2720, but when the price went up to $100.00 dollars decided to buy one with a guarantee for $107.00 refurbished (plus shipping) from a retailer.

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    I bought a factory refurbished Garmin Quest 2 for $120 on EBay, has a 1 yr guaranty. This is a small unit and fits my R1100R nicely.

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    Garmin 2720

    +1 on the Garmin 2720. I bought one on Ebay, reconditioned and warrantied for $107. It's made to be used on motorcycles or cars. I've used it in my van so far and love it. For another $70-100 I'll be able to mount it on my bike with a RAM mount and powercord kit

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    I bought a Garmin (refurbished with full warranty) last year directly from the Garmin Store, online. Price was around $200 at that time. I also bought the bike mount and later found that I had to buy their insulated power supply wire. Their power supply wire killed all sparking noise from the engine. The cradle is hard wired to the bike and output is through my Autocom I'd previously installed. So "Gypsy" momentarily interrupts our tunes when she wants to speak and then returns us to our tunes. The unit is waterproof and very dependable. You should be able to find whatever unit you'd like at a great discount. Oh yeah, pop the unit out of the bike cradle and move it to your truck/car as well. Dual purpose at a savings.

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    Got a 2710 years ago and this past year purchased garmin 2820. Great unit plus it comes fully loaded with all maps already. No more purchases. You can get one from lots of places for about $400.00 new. Try Abes of Maine or Compuplus. I thought they had the best service and prices. I have gotten numerous things from both places. Great people to work with. Get a good mount for the unit. You won't regret it.

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    I use Garmin 60csx with Ram Mount. Put topo 2008 on micro sd. Liked it so well I bought second 60csx for my truck and well on foot too

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    Talking Gps

    I bought a Zumo 550 and love it.I had a problen with it after a few months .Seems like it would nor download anything from the Garmin website.I called the tech center(talked with Brian W)he attempted to fix it by phone and e-mail.When that did not work,it had to go to the shop.After a few days,Brian called and said a brand new unit was being shipped out,Got the unit a few days later and it works great,also came with a updated warrenty and several options that were not on the original unit.Garmin service rocks.

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    I got a 2820 from for $250 NIB. I haven't mounted it yet, but used it in the car.

    Sorry, don't know how to link the web address above.
    2007 R12RT

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    +1 for the Garmin GPSMAP 60C(S)X.

    A true does-all unit. I like the vertical screen layout because it shows what's in front of you instead of what's off to the sides.

    '06 Triumph Scrambler (Trans-Labrador veteran)

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    Another vote for the Garmin 60CSX with the RAM mount. Very sensitive receiver, bright in sunlight, and handy in the car as well as on foot (or in a boat). The newer Colorado and Oregon units can be hard to see in sunlight, but the 60CSX is great day and night. The battery life is so good that I don't use bike power, I just change the batteries (2 AA) every 2nd day.

    BUT - you need to buy the maps (separately) to get the most from it.

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    Zumo 550

    Edge GPS has the z??mo 450 for $599.99 and if you catch them in stock you can get the refurbished z??mo 550 for $580.00 which comes with the motorcycle mount and car kit included.

    I have the 550 and use it both on the bike and in the great!!

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    Try these people,

    I've purchased from them in the past and never had any problems dealing with them Good prices and the units come with a factory warranty and sometimes as a bonus they will throw in an extended warranty.

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