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Thread: RV'ers not happy?

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    I'm one of those people who ride and drive an RV. I'm very aware of who is behind me and if I see anyone that I appear to be holding up on any two lane highway I simply pull over when appropriate and let them pass. That's also been my experience when riding the parkway for the most part and when they pull over for me I make sure I give them a big wave and a thumbs up.
    However ignorance comes in all forms. Last year on the parkway I came up on a group of about 30 cruisers riding in police fashion at a breathtaking 35 mph. They appeared that they were ridding at their limit and I couldn't take the noise any longer. It sure was tempting for this ex racer to show them what a BMW could do but I opted to pull in to scenic overlook and spend ten minutes to take in the fall colors. Never saw them again.

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    Wouldn't it be wonderfull if there was a utopian rally site? But until there is we will always have someone or some group unhappy with the choice. If I've learned anything from my 20+ years as a MOA member, it's this seems to be one of the most complaining groups I've ever been associated with. And I still love you guys!

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    A BMW Rider complain!!!! I'm shocked by the thought of it.

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    At least you're not complaining!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Ron_Ces View Post
    To each his own. Maybe when I am old and can't ride anymore I will be clogging up the back roads as well. Have fun. Just sayin...
    Or have a family that would like to join you on camping trips while you tool around on your bike . . .

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    Angry Just sayin

    Quote Originally Posted by thompsonr View Post
    I am sorry I didn‘«÷t realize you had more rights to the roadway than anyone else.

    And to think they would have the nerve to give You a dirty look for passing illegally. Some people‘«™‘«™‘«™
    Not more, I want the same. I just wish that they would pull over.
    Ride whatever makes you smile! Every bike has it's own issues, problems and annoyances...

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    Quote Originally Posted by Mika View Post
    In theory and planning you are correct. In real life it does not always pan out that way.
    That's because you always have the early arrivals with the pop ups that *must* have electricity.

    In Vermont I think about 40% of the folks that had to have electricty for their cpaps actually had one.

    That is unless they make two models one of which is silent. Those folks had the best party lights.

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    If you plan on bringing an RV, I would suggest you make a reservation early. I did this morning. See:

    RV Spots will be available on a first come first served basis beginning with online pre-registration April 1, 2009. You must contact the RV Chairman by phone or email with the following information:

    Complete Address
    Phone Number
    Type and Length of RV
    Power Requirements

    The RV Chairman will assign a location based on the specifications of your rig. Sorry, we cannot guarantee any two sites will be located adjacent to one another. We will take one reservation per person to make it as fair as possible for everyone.

    There will be a three night minimum stay per site. The three nights are intended to be Thursday - Saturday night the nights of the rally itself. If you are volunteering for early set-up, nights previous to Thursday will be charged at the same rate.

    Full Hook-Up Sites $20 Per Night
    Water & Elec. Only $17 Per Night

    For more information, please contact the RV Committee Chairman:
    Phillip & Martha Warren
    (931) 388 2865
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    Quote Originally Posted by Sue View Post
    ... All you need to do is communicate with the rally chairman. He'll hook you up.
    Very true! And a great pun, electrically speaking...
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