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Thread: Arai XD helmets - Performance?

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    i really like mine.

    here is a post i made a couple years ago.

    if you don't ride off-pavement much, you probably won't appreciate its features and benefits and should stick with a more conventional helmet.

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    I have both the Arai Quantum and the XD. I wear the Quantum when riding my RT and the XD when on my Dakar. It may not be a fair comparison because of the RT's superior windshield but there is a big difference between the two helmets. The XD is much noisier and the visor catches enough wind that my neck is definitely more fatigued by the end of a long day. The benefits for me with the XD are the ability to wear goggles, staying cooler on hot days in the dirt and breathing easier with the chin guard extended in front to of my mouth. I do a fair amount of off road riding and these benefits outweigh the negatives. I found my eyes to be in bad shape after a few hours of following riders in the dirt with only a visor so I especially like the improved protection of goggles. Like everything else there are trade offs.
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