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Thread: Oil Filter Wrench

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    It's a spin-on oil filter that sticks out over an inch from the engine... Probably the most accessible setup BMW has ever used. Why aren't you using a strap wrench?

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    Hey, 108625...... great minds think a like.

    Before I logged on tonite I was going through some "stuff" in the "stuff and things" drawer and I found this strap wrench that I got for "gag gift" at a party one time.....

    Long story made short, saved a pile of cash....

    But if I ever do see a wrench in the Canadian Tire store that looks like it will work... I'll spend that $6.00 ,...

    Thanks all for the input everyone....

    Anyway, now that I have got the wrench dilema handled I just have to get the's still waiting at the dealership to be picked up and it's -20C... with no relief in sight.

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