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Thread: Bike to bike communication

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    Thanks for the feedback. I've placed a call to J&M to get the necessary headset that will interface with my VOICE com system. Will I be able to connect the walkie talkie to the VOICE system and allow for in-helmet reception?


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    FRS radios are a good choice. I like Motorola FRS radios, but most of my ham gear is Kenwood. Best advice is stay away from the cheapest radios.
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    We have the Kenwood TK3131 radios with Autocom and have found on a straight flat road you can be out of range in 90 seconds or less. Reception is clear if you can see each other. Daily recharging is a pain and battery life is unreliable. It would be best to get the bike powered Kenwood or the Icom radios.

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    I have a Kenwood FRS radio connected to my Autocom system. I have been very happy with the set up. A few of my riding friends have FRS radios. We find them to be very helpful and add to the riding experience. We do not make a habit of chattering away but we communicate when necessary or if we see something noteworthy we want to share. The lead rider has the responsibility of giving a heads up about anything he/she sees ahead. How many times have you come around a corner only to be a bit surprised by something? Hand signals can't be seen around corners but we can warn riders behind to these surprises. Road noise, bike noise and ear plugs deny us a valuable sensory input. Two way communication can give it back in a safe and helpful manner if used properly.
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    +1 on Autocom units.. They work fine. I have my GPS/XM connected, and the radio bike to bike works with a number of FRS or Ham radio setups. The Ham gear is way better due to increased power (much longer range communication), way more available frequencies (less interference), and available use of many repeater systems all over. In the southwest, the ZIA connection rocks !

    For non-ham radios, the FRS is superior because it is FM, unlike CB which is AM and subject to all kinds of noise.
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