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Thread: Where are all the top dealers?

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    Where are all the top dealers?

    Todays MOTORREADS (in the campfire forum) has an article about the Top100 dealers in the US. Much to my dismay, I noticed no dealers from the state of Michigan were on the list. Not one! Now, in my opinion, the Lansing area is certainly void of a top dealer (I can't speak for Capitol Harley as I have never done business there), but the other independent shops leave much to be desired. But not even one Michigan Harley dealer made the list. Can this be accurate? Does anyone recommend a MI dealer that should be on the Top 100 list?
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    I've done business with Detroit BMW and SE BMW (Michigan). Both get an A+

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    Does participating mean paying?

    Quote Originally Posted by Mika View Post
    I have checked in on this thread with some interest. Let me interject a note of caution as you read the Top 100 list.

    Here is a link to the home page of Dealer News‘«÷ parent company Advanstar Communications.

    I have posted The Top 100 list in past years
    - It is an independent operation, i.e. not a Motorcycle Industry Council or a national dealers association.
    - If I recall properly multi brand BMW dealers have been listed in the past so I do not believe they are restricted in participating.
    - The rankings are out of ‘«ˇparticipating dealers‘«÷.
    - I do not have information on what that means or how they rank dealers beyond what is alluded to in the article. Therefore; I don‘«÷t know where to place the ranking on a continuum with say JD Powers on one end and a beauty contest on the other end.

    Dealer News appears in Motorreads because they have interesting information and it is written with dealers in mind rather than riders. In a very left handed way we get a dealer‘«÷s perspective on motorcycle news.

    Here is perhaps a more helpful or meaningful way of using lists such as this. In my travels I have made it to a couple of dealers that have made the list in the past. I like lurking around bike shops when I travel. I toured the dealerships, kicked tires, listened to and talk with people trying to get an idea of why they made it on the list. Some times it was clear why they would make such a list some times I thought they may have bought their way on. The value to me was going back and comparing my local dealer and talking with them about what I found.

    Thank you for the reading Motorreads and using it as the basis of your thread. It is gratifying to know that people read the posts and find some of the information contained in them useful.
    I'm always weary of lists like these. Some of them are pure marketing/advertising and not legit, and you have to pay to be included in their lists.

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