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Thread: Tent Camping

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    Quote Originally Posted by dxmenon View Post
    I encourage everyone to get the tarps. It is a great piece of equipment to have. I don't have one but if I see one of yours, I will come by and test it out and give you a full report on the shade factor. In addition, I will need a beer in my hand to fully appreciate your setup.

    Sure, I'll even let you sit in my Kermit Chair and sleep on my camping cot.

    NOT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! !!!!!!!!

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    Quote Originally Posted by wezul View Post
    OK, I'm going to get shouted down here I think but . . .
    I like a classic french press, no filters thank you.
    With a french press you should grind your beans coarsely, much less fine than say if you are going to brew in a drip maker with paper filter. I can remember the first time I used a French press and ground the beans really fine.
    Now that was chewy!
    Yes, I do get a little more sediment in the cup but it's not like I am chewing grounds.
    It gives the coffee a little "mouth feel". I prefer it to the heavily filtered drip variety.

    I think REI has a single travel French press cup, $14 iirc. No filters required.
    I gots to agree here

    My french press is without the hi tech stuff, made of pyrex, old as dirt, has camped with me many, many miles, and never fails to deliver rich oily, wonderful espresso or french roast brew!

    Just stuff it with a wad of paper, throw it in the little blue velvet sack I once got with a bottle of Covasia about a millon years ago... and your good to go..

    Theoretically, some of the original grounds from the 1980s are still in that thing since it's first brew...Just like the queens pudding or good sour dough bread...

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    At the national I find that a shaded area for my tent is of no priority at all. I rise before it gets hot from the sun, and spend no time at all in it during the daytime hours. By bedtime it will have cooled off enough that the sleeping bag will feel pretty good. I have found too much to do and see at the rally to spend my time in my tent.

    There is some camping lore that tenting under a tree is a bad idea, Lightning attraction, falling limbs and sap. After a rain it is the gift that keeps on giving. At Gillette it was curious to see many attendees camped on grassy parking lot dividers under small decorative trees.

    At a rally where space for camping is tight I concern myself with a space where:

    I am not in a hollow that will hold water after a rain. Our rallies seem to attract some serious storms.

    I can park the bike next to the tent, kickstand side away from the tent so it can't fall over on ME.

    I and my bike not be blocked in by later arrivals and they will not park & lean their bikes in such a way that they may fall on my bike, tent or ME.

    Camping near "club" sites tends to be noisier than individuals.

    Proximity to the porta potties is a dilemma, not too close nor too far.

    Setting up early, you don't have much of an idea as to the ultimate lay-out of the area. Later you you get what's left.

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