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Thread: Swivel Hitch

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    Swivel Hitch

    Any body have any experience with a Swivel Hitch pulling a trailer

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    Yes. Absolute requirement in my opinion. Pays for itself the first time your bike falls over (it happens). You'll also notice a difference when leaning over for curves when pulling the trailer. I'm also a fan of electric brakes - finally hooked mine up last year and kicking myself for not doing it sooner. Do you have specific questions?
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    Don't leave home without it!

    My brother totaled his Wing when he ran out of lean. I built one into my trailer and run with the pack like the trailer's not even there.
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    Swivel Hitch

    I have a fair bit of experience both ways. I started out pulling my Bunkhouse with a 1994 K1100LT with a non swivel hitch. I asked a lot of people about the necessity of a swivel and was assured that I didn't need it for normal use. I pulled the trailer for several years without and then started thinking that I am getting older and may drop the bike at a gas stop or parking etc. I thought about the damage that may occur far from home if that happened. I added the swivel hitch and lo and behold the handling changed immensely. It was like night and day. Much improved! I have always run electric brakes and will not go without. If you wish to add electric brakes to an existing trailer I have researched the parts needed and sources. Let me know if I can help.
    Robert Bolton

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