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Thread: X-Eleven?

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    Does anyone have the Shoei X-11? I have been looking at these and really like the feel. Are they very quiet? Can you get it on very easily with your custom made ear plug in? Any and all feedback is appreciated.


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    Some good info here. WebBike World is a good source for reviews of most motorcycle gear.
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    Thumbs up X-11

    Have had an X-11 probably too long (6 years)...will most likely replace it with the SAME!!! Extremely quiet, venting is awesome, easy to slip on with ear plugs (wear 'em always) however I also wear a thin helmet liner to help with sweat/comfort.

    The X-11 replace an X-9, and heartily recommend it
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    I've had my X-11 for three years and ~35,000 miles. I like it a lot. I wouldn't hesitate to buy another. I bought it three years ago next month, and the bottom part of the cheek liner is just starting to deteriorate a bit. That's not a bad thing, as I ride a lot and I sweat like a pig during the Texas summers. I expect to wear it one more season then probably replace it next spring by which time I'll have worn it nearly 50,000 miles.

    I really like the removable and washable liner. During the hot summers I'll wash it three or four times. Because of that, the X-11 is the first helmet I've owned that didn't stink after one season. In fact, the biggest reason I'm still wearing it is because I can wash the liner and cheek pads. It definitely adds life to the helmet.

    Its not the most quiet helmet in the world, but then its got decent ventilation and the two rarely go together. But I wear earplugs so I don't care much about that anyway.

    Speaking of earplugs, I buy a variety of one size fits all from my local pistol range for about $5 to $10 per pair. I did buy one pair that stuck a bit too far out of the ear so putting on the helmet knocked them out. But most of the earplugs fit within the helmet just fine.

    EDIT: BTW, I keep wondering when Shoei will replace the X-11. It'd been out quite a while when I bought mine three years ago, so I wouldn't be surprised if a new & improved version hits the shelves in the near future. If that happens I'll try to pick one up out of old inventory at a cheaper price.
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    I've had my X-11 for about 2 months now, so very new and not a lot of miles, mayb 700. Prior to this I've worn an Arai open face which I really liked a lot. Wanted a full face and the fit and light weight really felt great. I'm guessing I have a medium oval head, not the long oval of the Arai Profile. As last post said, it is not the quietest helmet and its noisier than I like. But venting and light weight and fit make up for a noisier helmet. I really like this helmet a lot and am not disappointed with the purchase.

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    I have had an X-11 for three years. It's almost a pound lighter than the Schuberth Concept it replaced. Great venting that also seals well.

    For me, it's the quietest helmet I've ever owned, but I think that has very much to do with how well (eg, tightly) it fits.

    A great add on is the Pinlock Visor. It lets you clip in an antifog visor insert that works at least as well as a Fog City, but without most of the prismatic effect on point light sources at night. And when you don't need it any more, you just unclip it and remove it.
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    I have an X-11. Very comfortable and easily accommodates ear plugs. I use ER6i ear speakers. I never have any problems getting the helmet over them. I wear a liner, too which helps improve the ventilation of the X-11 (which is awesome). I also have a Multitech and prefer the X-11 over the Multitech (which is less comfortable and more noisy--not to mention it doesn't offer the same downward visibility of the X-11).

    I'd say the X-11 is a good compromise between comfort/ventilation and some noise. The vents do make it somewhat noisier than a less well ventilated helmet, but if you wear ear plugs or ear speakers, the noise level really becomes irrelevant.

    Great helmet. Worth the price. I'm due for a new one soon.
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    Good Price

    Ginas BMW in Iowa City has them on sale at $485

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    Thumbs up Yeh, great helmet

    I have had my X-11 for about 3 years now. With over 50K during that time (I am a rounder) I can tell you that this helmet is the best ventilated helmet in the business. I used to ride with "Flip" or "Modular" helmets, and the X-11 has better ventilation than any of them. Below 50F I have all the vents closed because I get a cold head!! I never had a helmet that could do that. A couple of months ago, I bought a new visor that accepts the fog shield and I love it. The helmet visor does not fog up. With the great venting comes a bit more wind noise, so it is not the quietest helmet out there. But it depends on what you need and want. I ride with ear plugs, so the noise is not an issue. Fit and finish is Shoei-great. The liner is removable, but I am old school and ride with a helmet liner, which is much easier to wash and less hassle, therefore I have yet to wash the liner and my cheeck pads are like new. Washing the liner will wear it out prematurely, so a $10.00 liner is easy, good, investment; besides, I am used to riding with them and I am an old dog, and I don't learn new things too easily.

    I can highly recommend this helmet. My food for thought....
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