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Thread: R90/6 best tires??

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    R90/6 best tires??

    Is there consensus on the best front tire for R75's and R90's? Recently someone commented that my Continental RB2 should be trashed. Just wondering if that was true in general. I noticed the Continental was made in Korea. The tire size is 3.25 x 19. Thanks

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    It would be preferrable to match your front with your rear.
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    Tire choice is almost entirely dependent on the brand of oil you use :-)

    Round black ones in the correct inch sizes, and reasonably priced would seem a good choice.
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    When I first got my R90 it had nearly bald Michelins on it. I replaced those right away with Continental Go! Sport Touring tires.

    Like the previous poster said, they were the right size, and, more importantly, they were on sale

    I've put about 250 miles on them, and I'm happy. Though, I think I'll try Avons next.

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    I like Avon Road Riders. It seems like a great tire to me. It may not last as long as more of a touring tire, but I prefer the traction over longevity. I don't like sliding in turns on a 500 some odd pound bike!!

    I have these on my CB750 and I like them, and one on the rear of my R90. I"m going to order a front in a few days as I am satisfied with the rear.

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