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Thread: How to VOLUNTEER for the Rally

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    How to VOLUNTEER for the Rally

    How to Volunteer for the 2009 MOA International Rally

    Welcome to Tennessee, the Volunteer State! We got some tradition here; back in the War of 1812 Tennesseans by the hundreds volunteered, hence we became the ‘«£Volunteer State‘«ō.

    Like Tennessee, the BMW MOA International Rally could be called the ‘«£Volunteer Rally‘«ō, because hundreds of volunteers come together to make the rally happen every year. Our Rally has tradition as well; year after year volunteers rekindle past friendships, made new friends and experience a part of the rally that only past volunteers will understand.

    We invite you to be a part of this tradition by volunteering a few hours. Here‘«÷s three ways:

    The simplest way: You contact the committee Chair.
    ?ņ Committees that needs volunteers, Click HERE
    ?ņ Contact the committee chair via email
    ?ņ State your day and time frame you will able to volunteer.
    ?ņ Include your contact information Cell phone number is very helpful for contacting while at the rally.

    Contact the Volunteer Team with your choice of committee; we will put you and the committee chair in contact.
    ?ņ Send email to
    ?ņ State your 1st, 2nd, 3rd choice of committees. Not sure? We can place you in a needed area.
    ?ņ State your time frame to volunteer, you can certainly volunteer for more than one committee or for more than one shift.
    ?ņ Include contact information, cell phone number is helpful
    ?ņ Our Team will email you back with a list of committees or put you in touch with the proper committee chair.

    Volunteer after you arrive at the rally.
    ?ņ After you register for the rally at Registration, report to VOLUNTEER CENTRAL. We will locate near Registration.
    ?ņ At Volunteer Central we will have an up-to-date list of the committees needing volunteers.
    ?ņ We can then assign you to a committee.

    ATTENTION ALL VOLUNTEERS‘«™. once you have registered or picked up your registration information, take a minute to sign-in at Volunteer Central. We will be drawing for special Door Prizes, on Saturday‘«™just for Volunteers only‘«™you do not need to be present to win‘«™..just be a volunteer during the rally.
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