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Thread: Bar Back recommendations for R1150R?

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    Bar Back recommendations for R1150R?

    I'm generally very pleased with the ergonomics of my R1150R, but since I switched to the slightly higher Sargent saddle, I find that I'd like to lean back and up a little more. Bar backs seem to be the logical solution, so I'd appreciate any feedback you might have on the virtues/drawbacks of any risers you have experience with. Also, have you experienced any effects on handling, buffeting etc. with the risers. I'm using the BMW Touring Windshield.

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    You need some Ricky Bars. They replace the standard bar with a ProTaper or other tapered bar (Tina has Renthal FatBars) and can put you in virtually any position you need. Ricardo Kuhn will fit you and you'll be forever comfortable.

    Go here for a look.
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