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Thread: Airhawk Seat Cushion?

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    Airhawk Seat Cushion?

    I have a 2004 R1150R Rockster. The seat is the same as on all R1150R's, I believe, since I got the "low" seat, along with different bars, to improve the riding position when I got the bike. I can tolerate around 200 miles on the seat with reasonable comfort, or around 300 miles with unreasonable pain. In the past, I've done a few 600 mile days on my Harley FLHP without getting too cripped up. I want to go farther.

    I have a Rick Mayer seat ordered, which will be done in September if they keep up.

    I want to order an Airhawk seat cushion. This is both to use until my Mayer comes in and also afterwards. I have a couple of questions for the list.

    1. Is the Airhawk the best choice?
    2. Which model will fit my Mayer seat the best?

    Thanks in advance for your insights.

    Dave Bell--Wills Point Texas--a bit east of the DFW Metroplex.

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    2004 R1150R Rockster

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    Dave, I have a Mayer ordered too (different bike), but I also have an Airhawk that is in good shape and hasn;t been used in at least a year. It just doesn't work well with my R100R's seat (bought it for an old K-Bike).
    I see that you live close by. You wanna borrow my Airhawk for a while and see how well it works for you?
    2012 R1200GS

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    What a deal!

    Someone just sold me one, unused, for $50. I thought that was a good deal, but yours beats it. Too bad I already committed to the other one. Thanks anyway. Will let you know how it works out.

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    Hey Veg, can I borrow it and see it they are worth it?
    Gale Smith
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    I have used an Airhawk on my LT for over a year, and as a comfort measure, consider them marginal at best. And yes I have tried all the various inflations, including the recommended almost flat. I mainly use it to gain a little height to straighten out the legs without going to the high seat setting. I'd try a cheapie from K-Mart or wherever first, to see if the air cushions work for you.

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    I got an Airhawk this week and this thing is great. It takes a little bit to get used to but down the road a couple of miles and all is well. My wife found out that I really didn't buy it for her and she was just a little miffed.

    Xmas is just around the corner. I guess it won't be a toaster this year if she's good

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