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Thread: Mini Rally Sturgis Michigan

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    Well I going to check my camping gear, it is all new this year as I not camped in hell, 40 years.

    Then attend for the first time since listening to the Red Clay Ramblers at Remus, camp in a tent. I'll take old Sam (84 RT) down M-40 to the grounds.

    A dog rescue makes is kind of hard to get away. Way too many chores to be gone very long, so Sturgis. Might just be the thing to shake the cobwebs off.

    So May 1 is on my BB.

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    For those of us close enough to ride in for the day, which day is preferable, Saturday or Sunday? I will put this on the calendar! My first real MOA sanctioned event in my "new" homeland!

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    I've only been a couple of times, but Saturday would be the day to be there. Sometimes BMW of Grand Rapids has demo bikes there, there's always hot coffee, and lots of people, and some fun awards in the evening. Now that I think about it, they have also had some slow speed contests going on Saturday, too. Sunday has just been the time for me to pack up and head home, although not until I enjoy the great pancake breakfast!

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    The best day is definitely Saturday. Friday is arrival day, and a number of people don't show up until late afternoon. Saturday has the slow races and other field events going on.

    I've gotten some bad news from my employer and now it's looking questionable for my attendance, which makes me none too happy with them. It's still a little ways off, so we shall see.

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    Hey all; Sounds like fun, put me down!! In fact, I will be coming down with my youngest son (on his Suzuki). Isn't this the same bunch of hooligans that put on the vintage bike show at Gilmore farms in the summer? Think spring everyone!! Vaya con Dios, Dutch

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    This may be the way to get my feet wet in this whole rally thing 'cept it's a long way's away. I'd have to ride for like 1/2 hour straight down US 12 to get there

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    I'm really going to try to make this one. I have some plans for making it out, even though work is trying to stop me. Even if I just end up there on Saturday. Evil employer!

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    I would like to go too, not sure if I can yet...

    If anyone north of me. (or around Manistee, MI) is going- let me know- I would like to maybe join up with you...

    I prolly won't be camping, if I do go- but then again, ya never know!


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    If the weather is good, and if I can get permission from the wife, and if my house doesn't sell, and if my non-retired riding buddiesy can get the time off, and if my 401 k isn't wiped out than lets party.

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    My first rally

    I'll be there rain or shine.
    Getting folks to commit to go is getting harder and harder. Dad is in and so am I. This will be our first rally.
    84 Honda 700S Nighthawk
    95 R1100RS

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    Joe; I'm just south of you in Pentwater. If you don't mind stopping in Kalamazoo to pick up my son (This will be his first rally on his own bike) I'd welcome the company. Let me know. Vaya con Dios, Dutch

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    Hey Dutch, thanks for responding!

    Sure would like to meet up with you in Pentwater for the ride! No problem stopping in Kazoo either!
    Hope we get some more "riders from the north" to show a presence at the Rally


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    My first rally?

    I've got it scheduled for just saturday night at this point. If I can make it, it would be my first rally. I'm 43 and gentle. Actually, I make freinds pretty easy and I'm looking forward to it. Is there a beer tent?


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    Yeah, sure would be nice to have a nice warm weekend for the rallly too... hopefully, by then.
    A couple cold beers on a warm night, outside, yeah I remember those days!

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    Quote Originally Posted by jjd49660 View Post
    Yeah, sure would be nice to have a nice warm weekend for the rallly too... hopefully, by then.
    A couple cold beers on a warm night, outside, yeah I remember those days!

    Well Joe, you must have a great memory! It's been soooo long since we've seen a warm night, I have only a slight recollection of it...I think it was July 08' or something like that.
    Attitude is everything!

    08' V-Strom 650 great light weight tourer

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