I got in a nice 300 mile ride yesterday. I crossed the mighty Ohio River at Portsmouth. I then took Kentucky Rte. 8 and some nice back roads into Maysville. I then caught Rte. 11 south out of Maysville to Flemingsburg. Route 32 from Flemingsburg to Olive Hill. Route 2 from there to South Shore and then 23 back home. Made a pit stop at Carter Caves Park, nice place for a break and with it being Tuesday I had the place pretty much to myself. I had a really cool experience on one of the back roads. I was tooling along rather slowly because of some mud on the road (lot's of rain there the night before) and this HUGE owl comes in and hits the ditch to my right, he flutters around there for a second and then takes flight with this big a$$ SNAKE. Flies right over the top of me with just a couple of feet to spare. It was so cool. I am just glad he didn't drop that snake. It is kind of hard to do the Anti-snake dance on a Beemer. I would have crashed a Beemer and soiled my nice Tourmaster suit for sure. I probably would have soiled the suit before crashing the Beemer Anyway it was a nice day ride. Kind of cool temps, I don't think it ever did hit 70 degrees. Cloudy, but the rain held off.