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Thread: Adventure Workshop & Cycle Gadgets

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    Adventure Workshop & Cycle Gadgets

    Setting up my GSA with some aftermarket gear and I have two extremes examples of service from those two providers. I ordered a Kaoko throttle control from AdventureWS and ordered it in mid. Dec. 08. By the second week in Jan 09, no word on it so I called and left a message. No reply, I called again a week later and got a real person who said it was on back order and I would get it in a week. Well, the credit card bill cleared the end of Jan. and I waited about a week and no word, called again and was told the part was in the mail, I did recieve it Feb. 6th. Not happy with that service. On the other hand, great service from Cycle Gadgets, exactly what we have gotten use to for first class service. Very pleased. By the way Kaoko Throttle Control is first class even though it took 1 1/2 months to get with me having to make all the contacts. Will inform you on my satellite radio hook up.


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    Not for nothin but I have placed orders over the phone with both places and received excellent service from both of them. I ordered the exact same thing from Adventure Work Shop and had the device in hand in just a few days...I really like it too.

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    Ditto. I ordered one over the phone and had it in two days. Maybe Andrew is a Digitally Impaired Person...
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    I had a issue with a online order from Adventurers Workshop about a year ago. When I got them on the phone they were very apologetic and I had my item in a day or so. I believe they just have some growing pains.

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