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Thread: hello, new to the board, your thoughts on this:

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    hello, new to the board, your thoughts on this:

    i have an 84 R100(S)(RT)(plain old /7)????

    unsure of the exact type, checked the vin on the driveshaft, says its an RT, but there is defently no faring, so i'm not sure, looks like an S without the small front fairing. anyway, this is unimportant.........

    the question is:

    has anyone ever tried installing a small power inverter (100 watts), that is designed for auto use under the seat???

    i'm planning a cross country trip and want to be able to charge things like cell phones, and batteries (low drain items) on the go, or while i'm camping/sleeping in a ditch. i'm cheap and don't plan on staying in too many hotels.

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    I don't see why it would be a problem. They have some very small inverters that are built into a cig lighter plug. Might want to use one of those plugged into a cig lighter receptacle that you add to the bike.

    If at all possible, use a 12V charger for the cell phone and batteries. The inverter will draw power even when nothing is plugged into it and will lose some power due to the inneficiencies of converting 12V to 120V (especially when you're then converting it back down to 12V or 6V again). I know 12V chargers are cheap for cell phones. Camera battery chargers are a different story.

    I would be careful about leaving the inverter plugged in overnight with items charging. Test it at home first to make sure it doesn't drain the battery too much. Probably not a problem, but better safe than sorry.

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    Howdy and Welcome...

    Mike has made some good points...I'd also worryu about adding any 100 watt device without being sure that you have enough electrical power. Of course an ammeter will tel you for sure, but otherwise at least be sure you are maintaining enough votalge (over 13) to be charging the battery while everything electrical is operating.

    and have fun crossing the country sleeping in ditches...I prefer the high ground

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