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Thread: Fuzeblock / Centech

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    Fuzeblock / Centech

    Does anyone have any first hand experience with the newer Fuzeblock ? Pros nand Cons compaired to Centech ??

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    There is a review of this product in this month's Owner News. (February)

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    Quote Originally Posted by reimerdavid View Post
    Does anyone have any first hand experience with the newer Fuzeblock ? Pros and Cons compaired to Centech ??
    I can only see three...
    • the current carrying limitiation of each circuit and the 30A limitation of the relay.
    • one needs to remove screws to get the cover off in order to check the status of a fuse or to replace a fuse.
    • I don't know if the back side of the cicuit board is insulated. That may be a problem if mounting it against a conductive surface.

    I find it a bit pricey for what you're getting.

    The Centech? I couldn't make something that looks so homemade in my basement.

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    I chose the Fuzeblock on my R12GS over the Centech for a couple of reasons (1) the built-in relay, (2) option for switched vs continuous power. While it does not handle all the accessories I have (the Motolights tapped into a different power source via an inline fuse, I love the simplicity and compactness of the FZ1.

    My circuits include: 10A for my 55W PIAA 510 driving lights, 10A for my rear Powerlet, 7.5A for my forward Powerlet, and 2A for my Zumo. The Zumo is on continuous; everything else is switched. If I needed a Powerlet with the full 15A I would have swapped out the Motolight power with the Powerlet. 10A is plenty for those 35W lamps.

    Like all such units, the base is not insulated. I followed Jim VonBaden's lead by coating the underside with rubber cement.
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    I have the Fuzeblock, it's a decent unit. As mentioned a bit pricey but I'm statisfied for my minimal needs; Autoswitch triggered Motolights, Hyperlights, Autocom. And I like the flexiblity of switched and unswitched power.

    It was simple to install, just Velcroed under the seat in the plastic box supplied.

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    I went with the Centech and the Centech AP1 relay set up - cost wise it is a wash.

    + for centech

    - not limited to a 30 total load
    - very quickly can check if a fuse is blown

    For my personal use i did not need anything switched - i use the bike to trigger the relay on and off.

    To address insulation I mounted the centech's stand off on a metal plate - this also added the addition of enhanced securing when I mounted it.

    Packagaging may not be as pretty as the Fuzeblock, bit the application I am using it in, it is fine.
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    I wrote the review in this month's ON and I've had both the Centech and Fuzeblock, I liked the Fuzeblock better - enough to actually write up a little review. It depends what you're looking for I guess. If you want switched circuits with the Centech, you have to add an accessory relay part, which means more bulk and wiring and makes it more expensive than the nice compact Fuzeblock. Just my opinion.
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    Quote Originally Posted by reimerdavid View Post
    Does anyone have any first hand experience with the newer Fuzeblock ? Pros nand Cons compaired to Centech ??

    Click on the image for more info.
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    I just installed the Fuzeblocks FZ-1 on my V-Strom. I chose it over the Centech because it had enough power to run all of the accessories I want (Powerlet, standard 12v socket, voltmeter and GPS) and because of the ease of installation (integrated relay). Very satisfied so far, but it's still winter here in Michigan.
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