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Thread: Rentals in New Brunswick?

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    Rentals in New Brunswick?

    Hello all. I am planning a trip to New Brunswick this August and I would like to rent a bike (preferably a BMW - I currently ride a 1200RT) while I am there. We will probably be flying into Moncton. Does anyone have any suggestions of rentals in the area? I searched the internet and could not find anything specific. The closest BMW rental I found was Quebec. I would have no qualms flying into Bangor, Maine and renting there.


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    There is only one BMW dealer in Moncton, and they do not rent bikes, and as far as know there is no one renting any other brands of bikes either. I don't think there is a real big market for it yet. Maine or New Hampshire might be your best bet.

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    Fly into Halifax and I will rent you my nice new R1200RT. Just like yours at home.

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