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Thread: Intercom and Bike-to-Bike System

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    Intercom and Bike-to-Bike System

    Purchased my 09 LT last year and now in need of a communication system. For those that are not aware, the 09 lt does not come with an Intercom system. System must be capable of bike-to-bike (to the wife) and as an intercom so the daughter can speak to the wife or I. An additional option (not 100% necessary at this time) is the ability for them to talk and I do not have to hear it.

    All I know about this subject is what I need. I've looked at Baher, Starcom, Autocom and BMW. My definition of "looked" is surfing the net. I have no problem forking the dollars out for the BMW system if it will fit my needs. If the BMW system is worth the $, is it compatable with a system that I need for the wife's Kawaski? I figure she has two more years before she out grows this bike so I'll have to remove and install on the new one?

    I've spoke to a dealer up here in Alaska and he really does not want to recommend a system which I toally understand. If I do not like it I have nobody but him to blame. Not his statement just my interpetation. Totally understand.

    I've searched this forum and others and have not found a recent thread so if there is one already please forgive in advance.

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    Have a buddy with an LT that went with a Baher system...I have an Autocomm I am happy with...his is a smidge nicer and he raves about it...

    if you haven't been to this site...check it out

    lot's of LT info!
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    The Autocom will let you have intercom with your passenger and if set on voice activation with a two way radio on board, you can both talk to the second bike. If you use their push to talk button which you push with your left thumb just under the left handle grip, you can talk private with your passenger and then talk with other bike only when you push the push to talk button.

    The company representing Autocom in the US (Top Gear accessories) is ending their relationship with Autocom so consequently their base kits are currently on sale.

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    If you don't want to wire into the bike you might look into one of the Bluetooth systems. I use the Scala Q2 set for intercom on the bike and for cellphone use which works very well. It also has bike to bike and GPS capability. Not 100% sure however it would work for all your needs. It runs on the idea of the riders headset being the primary set and the second headset in the kit as the primary buddy and comes already paired that way. You can also pair to another headset which becomes the secondary buddy. Problem is, according to the manual, the primary buddy and scondary buddy will not have direct connection. In other words you can talk to your passenger and the wife on the other bike and wife can talk to you. Passenger can talk to you but not the other bike. Wife on other bike can talk only to you, not directly to your passenger.

    That being said I would bet there is a way around it. The manual is set up to give directions for the one paired set, but for three headsets you have to pair the third headset, which the manual treats as the secondary buddy, thus the above applies. Not sure but it would appear to me that you could use one headset from the kit for yourself, and the second headset for your wife on the second bike. You would each already be paired on intercom but intercom and bike to bike with Bluetooth are the same. Then use the third headset for your daughter and each of you could pair with her headset. Then again I might be way off on this as I've never tried it .

    I do know that you can pair each of the headsets in the kit with individual items. I've got mine paired with my cellphone and the wife's headset paired with her cell. I can answer or make a call to her (when she's not on the bike) and when she is on the bike with me she can make or answer a call to her phone without me ever hearing it.

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    Before you make a decision, take a good look at the german AKE-system.

    I only have the Bluetooth Headset 101 but am more than pleased with it.
    I vacumed the internet last winter before I found a BT-system that met my requirements and most of all, being invisible. And the AKE is.

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    Plus 2 on the Scala Q2. I used this product last summer while touring with my brother-in-law in Colorado, Utah, and Arizona. The bike to bike communication was fantastic! Granted I did not have a third person linked into the system so I can't speak to that. My Autocom unit is gathering dust.

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