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Thread: Intercom and Bike-to-Bike System

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    Intercom and Bike-to-Bike System

    Purchased my 09 LT last year and now in need of a communication system. For those that are not aware, the 09 lt does not come with an Intercom system. System must be capable of bike-to-bike (to the wife) and as an intercom so the daughter can speak to the wife or I. An additional option (not 100% necessary at this time) is the ability for them to talk and I do not have to hear it.

    All I know about this subject is what I need. I've looked at Baher, Starcom, Autocom and BMW. My definition of "looked" is surfing the net. I have no problem forking the dollars out for the BMW system if it will fit my needs. If the BMW system is worth the $, is it compatable with a system that I need for the wife's Kawaski? I figure she has two more years before she out grows this bike so I'll have to remove and install on the new one?

    I've spoke to a dealer up here in Alaska and he really does not want to recommend a system which I toally understand. If I do not like it I have nobody but him to blame. Not his statement just my interpetation. Totally understand.

    I've searched this forum and others and have not found a recent thread so if there is one already please forgive in advance.

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