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Thread: Help with After Market Seats

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    Although I had no problems with the stock seat on long riding days, I was hoping that possibly a more comfortable seat might entice my wife to come for rides. I picked up a used Corbin on Ebay (with some apprehension since so many on this site are not Corbin fans). Even though I was satisfied with the stock seat, the Corbin is so much better, on short rides or on 700 and 800 mile days. Mine is vinyl which is fine by me as I don't worry about covering it when it rains. It has never been stuck to me on a hot day, but that may depend upon your riding suit.

    If I have one Corbin complaint, it is a wider seat than the stock and therefore my 28" inseam found it more difficult to find the ground until I had the bike lowered 1/2".
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    Russel Reviews...

    I stumbled upon this thread for Russel Seats in my pursuit for that special seat....

    Lot's of stuff + pics

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    I had a Sargent on my R1150RT and it was worlds better than the stock seat....I traded up to an R1200RT last spring and thought I'd die on a trip from FL to the Outer Banks of NC. The factory seat is come BMW makes such great car seats and such lousy bike seats?????

    On the trip back I stopped at Corbin's shop off I95 near Daytona and walked out with a Corbin. Its a lot wider than stock, doesnt slope to the tank, and sits a bit higher. Im 6' with pretty long inseams, so no problems reaching the ground (this is something you should check if you're short of stature). Couldnt be happier with the Corbin, although the stitching looks a little Harley-like. I bought off the rack but you can order anything your heart desires. Im thinking Ostrich leather with lime green piping would look great....maybe with some snakeskin accents....


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    Lots of folks on several forum say good things about Russell and

    I had a Travelcade/Saddlemen's seat on my last bike - it was hard as pine and refused to break in, even after be "softened" by the factory and nearly a year of riding.

    My boxer has a Corbin and, while it ain't soft as a Lazy Boy, I noticed that my butt did not get tired on the 430 mile second day of bringing the bike home.

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    After Market Seats

    Another strong vote for Sargent from me. I swapped out my seats in Denver two summers ago on a trip from Atlanta, and never, ever considered going back to stock. The difference in riding pleasure is remarkable, and it makes my annual 5,000-milers easy to take. I love it, and love to ride with it on the bike (1200RT). I have a Corbin with built-in backrest on my Harley that I like, too. I think the trick is spreading out the seat area and providing a little more "give" in the seat. Works for me.

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