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Of Black Gap Road, the Road Guide to the Backcountry Dirt Roads of Big Bend National Park says only the following:
"This road is no longer maintained for its full length and is recommended for four wheel drive vehicles only, and then only with extreme caution! It is extremely rough and in some places almost non-existent."

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The Black Gap Road
I talked to the Honda rider about the rest of the Black Gap. He told me that I shouldn't be trying the Black Gap Road on that "thing" (meaning my Airhead GS!).

He then told me it was a rough ride for his buddy on the KLR, for which I told him I can normally go most places a KLR will go, except not as fast.

He then look at my tires and said he wouldn't try it on those tire.

Also noting that a south-to-north passage is easier

Then he told me I was really asking for trouble riding the Black Gap Road alone.

At that point I thought about getting caught down there with no food and only a small quantity of water left . . . I turned around on the Black Gap Road for today, and I rode Juniper and Pine Roads instead. I will be back!

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WOW and Thanks!!! Was good to see you and ride with you. .......Waldo

(GanzR) Waldo has been everywhere, even the Black Gap Road. GanzR and Gloria are snowbird Big Bend RV'ers who hike and ride everywhere.

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Black Gap Road is known as the worse road in the park

Thanks to GanzR, the Black Gap was my easiest road in the park. Bob loaned me the use of his sweet Kawasaki KLX 250! Thanks, Bob

The KLX 250 being so light, made the sand riding as easy as pavement riding. With the KLX, twist the throttle and you plane just like a boat coming up to speed. Time to check Craigslist

Running the "Gap" on a one hundred degree February day. The high was 17 degrees back home in Wisconsin. If it was summertime, the high in Wisconsin would be 70 and Black Gap 112, that would take a lot of the fun out of the "Bend".

With a black Darien pants and jacket I felt very hot. GanzR was wearing an "Air Flow" suit. The only water I had was strapped on the back of the bike. That water was also 100 degrees, "not very tasty" I told Bob. He told me "get use to it"