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Thread: Helmet Advice

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    Helmet Advice

    I am planning to purchase an HJC FS 15 helmet in 2X. My present helmet is an HJC CL 12 in the same size. This helmet has been pretty good for the last nine years and is long overdue for replacement. My only complaint was a bit of conflict between the point of my forehead and the padding which I was able to finesse.

    If anyone has experience with the sizing, or perhaps a finely tuned crystal ball, I'd like to know if the sizing in the HJC line is fairly consistent from helmet style to helmet style?

    Hereabouts most dealers stock few helmets due to the local riders having a strong disdain for such things so a try on is pretty tough.


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    I went from a HJC CL-14 in size large to a HJC Sy-Max II and had to bump up to a XL, and after an hour or so find I am not that comfortable due to pressure points in the area of my jaw bone. I bought differant cheek pads, but they made only a small improvement. I would strongly advise finding someplace where you can try it on, or that they will order one in with the understanding that you get store credit toward a differant size if it doesn't fit correctly. Online stores will usually do this, but you pay the shipping. And yes, the modular Sy-Max II is pretty noisy...........

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    This is a common issue

    I just purchased a Nolan X-lite. It was (is) poorly constructed and I had to finesse the foam due to poor quality control in initial assembly. I still use my CL12 and my son has the new symax. It is a better fitting helmet, for me, and he also likes it, as well as his Shoei. You can't rely on internet purchase due to different fitment issues. Keep trying the different models prior to purchase.

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