Hello All-

The wife and I cordially invite our fellow Airheads for a tech day at our home in Central NJ. The date is Saturday April 11, 2009. Here's what we do have on hand to share:

-2 car garage working space - very well lit.
-2 bike stand-type lifts - 1 may be broken though.
-A clear driveway - enough for another 4-5 bikes to get worked on
-motorcycle dealers and auto parts stores within 3 miles (for fluids, etc.). I will likely have some motorcycle oil here on consignment to sell, to make things more convenient.
-A grill. And the burning desire to use it!
-A few folding lawn chairs
-Standard tools like sockets, wrenches, and screwdrivers - although you are encouraged to bring some of your own so we don't all stand around fighting over the most commonly used items.
-Hotels and motels nearby for those coming from far away.
-Most of all, a real yearning to learn how to work on these machines.

What we don't have is specialized tools (gear pullers, etc.) or camping space, but since this is a one-day event, we are hoping people don't start overly-ambitious projects that can't be completed within the time frame of the day.

We are located in Monroe Township, NJ - central to the state, and within 25 miles or so from the PA border as well. We welcome and encourage Airheads from other states to join us. We especially welcome seasoned experts who can provide guidance and the benefit of their experience to us Airhead "noobs."

As we get closer to the date, we'll announce an alternate rain date, and try to take a head count as well so we can plan accordingly.

We look forward to meeting our fellow Airheads! Please RSVP if you plan to come to we can make the necessary arrangements. My e-mail is moshe_levy@yahoo.com


Moshe (#108259) & Terri Levy
1971 R60/5, 1973 R75/5, 1977 R100S, 2004 R1150R, and 2004 R1150RT