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Thread: 40s in MN, not a BMW on the road!

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    Same temps in Michigan today. I didn't see any other bikes while I was out riding, but did see one Beemer after I rode! Beautiful rare sunny day in SE Michigan.

    If the rider you saw was on a silver 1200 RT wearing a hi-viz yellow jacket, it could have been me. I rode Hines drive from the bottom up to Northville. 275(S)-96 and telegraph(S) back home.

    If that rider was not me then Michigan can account for at least three riders in February.

    So far we win!

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    I thought about taking the RT out, but remembered my driveway is still under ice, . It was warm enough, if I could only get to the street!
    Ride safe!

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    For me it is more about traction than anything else. Temp really isn't an issue. I just don't trust the Metzeler 880s on ice. My driveway faces north and if it has no ice on it, I know it is safe to ride. I've ridden every month for the last 3-1/2 years except for last month. And I'm going out today before the snow hits tomorrow!

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    rode Sunday last, Superior, WI, 20 degrees, to test out my finally back together and fixed (I freakin' hope for good) Final Drive... Felt good...

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    Took Norton and Triumph out for spin 2 1/2 weeks ago. Temp high 20's. Getting hi-fives from people riding snowmoblies in ditches along U.S Hwy 2 west of Duluth, Mn. R100RT buried in shed behind son's R60/5 and wife's Kwacker w/ 2 ft snow in front of door. Got snow last nite so thinking maybe it'll sit there awhile yet.

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    Winter ride.

    Gorgeous day here in Des Moines, Iowa today. Went out for a one hour ride. Great fun on my 'ol '78 RS. Tomorrow more of the same, so another ride! Thursday the weather folk are predicting the return of winter, so I am enjoying while I can.

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    Kinda chilly last couple of days. highs in the low 50's. supposed to warm up for the rest of the week. calling for 74 degrees on Friday which is great because we are leaving for Daytona about 8:00am.

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    February 25.

    Two rides today here in Iowa! Looks like the return of winter tomorrow, so happy to get those rides in! Twenty miles on my 'ol '78 RS and twenty two on my '94 RSL. Both are running okay but.....need a little attention. Checked the oil and air yesterday. The '78 was spoutin' a little gear oil out of the "relief valve" today due to cold condition, stopped after a short period. '94 missed a little but smoothed out upon a little addition of Iso Heet (water in the gas). Nice day; now I can stand a little more winter. I'll have to!

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