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Thread: Adding an accessory socket on my R65

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    Adding an accessory socket on my R65

    Recently, I found out that there is an accessory socket available to fit my '84 R65, and thought it would be great to install on my bike for plugging in an electric vest or gloves for the fall and winter. Can the "stock" electrical system on my bike handle this add-on? I purchased a sealed battery and charger earlier this year, so at least I have a new battery on my bike. Has anyone out there ever installed an accessory outlet on their R65, and if so, any thoughts? Thanks!
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    I use BMW heated grips and a Gerbing electric jacket on my '86 R65 without a problem. Obviously, you have to be sensible about it, and turn stuff off while riding in stop and go traffic, but at cruise things should be just fine.
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