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Thread: Sandblast Rally?

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    Question Sandblast Rally?

    I was wondering if anybody is planning to attend the Sandblast Rally next Saturday in Cheraw/Patrick, South Carolina? This being the second year, has anybody attended it last year? I checked Max BMW website and see that a couple of BMW's will be in the mix. Looks like a fun.
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    it's actually the third event. i went to the first one and had a great time.

    it was cold as HELL! hopefully it will not be too bad this year.

    wish i could go... too much other stuff going on.

    there's a good state park just south of town that has good camping. and a number of other good spots in the area.

    have a good time!

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    There are a bunch of guys from ADVRider going.. looked under southeast region Raleigh/Fayetteville riders thread.

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    You'll be pleased to note #6 finisher overall (and #2 in his division) was Doug Morrison on an R1200HP2.
    He's also the latest recipient of the Prof. Dr. Gerhard Knochlein Award, and only the third American to be so honored.
    For those of you who think BMW guys are too old and GSs are too heavy for any serious off-road...

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    Doug, YOU DA MAN!!

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