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Thread: Putting the T's in Twisties

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    Putting the T's in Twisties

    The article and maps are now online.

    To go with the article of the same name, I'm posting a few zips with GPS routes.

    The maps are in Garmin .gdb format, and for other GPS in .gpx format.

    The first set is paved routes, and are attached to this post.

    The second are dual-sport, and are attached to the second post.

    As discussed in the article, it's not a short distance to the Dragon from the Rally site. Getting there and back is a full day's ride... especially if you take the dual-sport rides.

    You may consider going there on your way to or from the rally.

    The routes are reversible *except* for the National Park Way dual sport route, which uses a 1-way dirt road out of the park (btw, this is one of the best rides).

    And remember: ***Always and Adventure*** these roads are fun, a bit challenging and you will have fun (even if you get a little lost at some point.)

    Please let me know if you have questions.

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