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Thread: Road Conditions KS to MO

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    Road Conditions KS to MO

    I'm getting ready to make a trip from Illinois to Colorado and was wondering if any of the travelers coming back from the national ralley, or anyone else for that matter took I-70 across Kansas and Missouri. The last time I made it thru Kansas I-70 was all torn up and Missouri was a little rough.

    Thanks for your help,

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    Dave, I came home from Paonia on I-70 a couple weekends ago, as far east as Salina, Ks. The highway was good. There was a couple of places that the road narrowed to one lanes in each direction, but for a short distance.

    We made good time the whole trip. It was hot so bring and drink plenty of fluids.

    Next year we'll take the southern route thru Kansas and Colorado.


    Rob Lessen
    Arma, KS

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    Just returned to Chicago area on Thurs. from 10 days in colorado, we used all 2 lane across southerm Mo. and Kansas. Rt. 60 was some nice pavement, also 160. South west Mo. had some nice twisty 2 lane. Mt partner and I advoid the slab as much as possible, still managed to average 55 mph over the course of the day. Have a great trip make sure you ride 550 south into Durango Co. great road.

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    I hate that strech of road. If it were not the fastest way from here to CO I'd never ride it.

    Last year, on my second trip to CO, I went out of my way to avoid it. Made me feel better even if it took longer to get there.
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    I'm not particularly found of it either, but I have one day to get to Topeka and I'm locked into the quickest route for that part of the trip. It's only 440 miles and I can live with it if the road is good.

    After Topeka, I'm planning on getting on 35 to Wichita, then 54 from there. I"ve got two day to Denver for a day. After that I'm open to exploration. May shoot up into the Dakotas for awhile.
    Thanks for your replies,

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