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Thread: Hello Oregon Riders!

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    Quote Originally Posted by dtgates View Post
    Two of my all time favorite road are in NE Oregon, hwy 245 (Dooley mountain)
    and Hwy 218 Shaniko to Fossil I believe mentioned above.
    I can spend days riding these roads over and over.
    I have riden those roads many time and have posted them on the AMA web site. Hwy 245 I call the deals gap of the North west. On my way back from the Deals Gap, I came out on Ontario Ore, through Vale and up to Unity and then over Dooley Mt. and on to Baker City,and said YES this compares to the Deals Gap.
    On 218 the turns never stop and little trafic, except one time the road was full of
    cycles of the human power kind, and they were around every corner in the middel of the road.

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    How are you planing on getting back to colorado from washington. if it out thru Montana swing south at missoula at the Idaho bordor cut back west and stay in Montana, go thru a little town called Wisdom. it is at 6000' at the continental divide. just watch out for cows, miquitos before late july and elk. great sceneri. then run to dillon, mt go up on 90 and come back down in central montana and go into wyoming. on the east side of yellowstone.
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