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Thread: Hello Utah Riders!

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    Hello Utah Riders!

    I'm in the process of planning a western States Tour for some of my European friends. We plan on renting bikes in Colorado and do a 3 week loop out west.

    We plan on entering Utah near the 4 corners, then following Hwy 95, 24, 12, 89, 9 and visiting Capitol Reef, Bryce, Zion, & Grand Canyon.

    I would appreciate any input on the route or suggested changes (pavement please) and also any recommendations for lodging and places to eat & see. Prefer reasonable and if possible unique!

    Bob Alexander
    08 BMW RA Rally Chair

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    Good route to follow for scenic roads. Depending on the time of year, could be very hot. At the same time, 1 of the passes on 12 could be quite cold, even in August.

    I would not go pass ? tank use of fuel unless you know your tank limits and where you are planning on refueling. Some stretches are far and few between gas/food stops.

    Stops, all depends on the time allotted in Utah and speeds traveled, Photo Ops, taking in the views and resting the butt. I spent 2 week alone near Bryce, 2 years in a row at a base camp exploring the area, and I live in Utah!

    I usually do not use motels or such. But I would say, these little towns along the way have their fair share of establishments. I would be more concern of the timeline on going through, tourist season and all. They could be empty or maxed out. Call ahead or have previous arranged lodging. If you get at your daily destination early, go exploring or even back tracking somewhat. The scenic views are different going the other way.

    Be prepared for a lot of head swiveling enjoying the views and colors to behold.
    Larry S
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