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    New Tires

    I‘«÷d like some ‘«£experienced‘«ō advice about new tires for my R1150RT; in the 80s, Continentals were the best. Several years ago, I bought a pair of Metzlers for my CB900F which were the best handling tire I‘«÷ve owned. Now, our local BMW dealer tells me a pair of Bridgestones will be ideal for my needs ‘«Ű sticky on the corners yet long-wearing. I‘«÷m more concerned with longevity, handling and safety than I am in price.


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    I put a set of Metzler Z6's on my 02 R1150RT last summer. They stick pretty good and seem to be wearing well so far. Got about 6-7k on them right now.
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    I have the Pilot Road 2's on my ST. I ride fairly hard and love these tires!!! They /last me about 13K
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    I have not used the RoadSmart tires. They may be very good as your dealer has suggested. I can highly recommend the Road Pilot 2. It is superior the the Road Pilot. I put a set of the 2's on my K1200GT '07 before our trip across the country this past summer. We covered approximately 7200 miles on that one trip and there is still tread left. They have approximately 9K on them. I have been mainly riding my R1200S and my R1200R since that trip and I have a set on my R1200R now. The Power Pilot 2 work well for the R1200S.

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    RT Tires

    It really depends on how you ride. If you want a good handleing tire that will last longer try the Metzler 880. Had these on My 03 rt and were great. Some of the more aggressive riders like Bridgestone BT 020 on their RT's . I prefer the 880s because of the deeper tread and longer life.

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    Love the ME 880's, but mine are on my R1200C, not an RT. Great handling and good in all weather conditions. Hard enough for long wear, but sticky for good all around performance. Got almost 18K fom the last set, and have over 16K on the current ones. Will replace before the summer.
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    You will find tons of opinions on this topic. I have a pair of Z6s with about 4500 on them, anticipating another 4500 or so before they will need replacement. Very happy with the performance‘«™

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    I would take a look at the PR2's. My last set of Z6's were a big disapointment. They were gonners at 5000 miles, wear bars are worthless and cupping on both the front and rear. I always run 36/42 and maybe 40% of my riding is 2 up with full bags. I hear there is a new Z6 out but I have not heard any reports on them.

    Z6's @ 5000 miles:

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    Michelin Pilot 2CT

    Last spring I had a set of Michelin Pilot 2CT put on my 2004, R1150RT.
    Michelin Pilots were on the bike when I bought it, two years ago, and I thought the bike handled very well with them. The new Pilots are supposed to have better all surface traction due to the two compound (2CT) I put about 3K on them last summer, and felt they rode and handled great. Durability yet to be determined.
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    My experience with the Z6 tires is much like BobsST's. Mine were gone at 5k. I replaced them with RoadSmarts and have been very happy. They are very stable and handle great. I've not experienced any "hopping" while traveling over tar snakes through a curve at speed.

    I might try a set of ME 880s next as my brother has had good luck with them on his LT.

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