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Thread: $$$ questions -cost of rebuilding

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    $$$ questions -cost of rebuilding

    So basically here is where I'm at. I am going to rebuild my 75 r/90 after years of neglect. It does not need paint but I am planning on replacing many of the plated parts due to pitting. Here is the big list and this is what I am most interested in finding out as the small stuff can be replaced here and there.

    Big list =

    rebuilt motor
    speedo and tach
    set of spoked wheels
    complete stock exhaust

    I'll stop there....

    What can I expect to spend in order to get these things accomplished assuming I am installing all of the parts?

    Also I have a 2002tii which I am glad to say most everything is available for from the factory. How is availability for various and sundry parts?


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    Rebuild Budget

    The big ticket items you have listed will probably run you $1500 or more. By the time you start doing other things "because I have it apart anyway" you will run up another few hundred, depending on how nice you want the finished bike. The toughest part about spiffing up a project bike is knowing when to say when and resisting the urge to end up with a show bike.
    The IBMWR Marketplace is an excellent source for finding good used parts at reasonable cost.
    Have fun with your project

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    I hear ya

    Its easy to get carried away- That started to happen with my 2002tii but I have begun to find a balance about it. In this case I will not be repainting for that very reason. Just gettting the bike back into maintainable condition..... and that includes oxidation.

    Any recommendations on places to but a rebuilt engine?Looking at the Max BMW parts lists A new setup will run in the neighborhood of $3000. I'd rebuild myself but I am living in Japan can't find a good machine shop so everything would have to be shipped out- which is fine until something goes wrong- for that reason i am intertaining buying a completely rebuilt unit from a reputable source. I want it to be as good as a stock rebuild can be.


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    Re: $$$ questions -cost of rebuilding

    Originally posted by pete
    How is availability for various and sundry parts?

    I'm in the process of "freshening-up" a '70 /5. Just about everything is available from a dealer. Thanks to BMW's "Mobile Tradition" program, more and more parts are being reissued. In fact, I have yet to be stumped. Couldn't believe Irv Seaver had a license plate bracket IN STOCK!

    Google can be your friend. As can Ebay, although I'd surmise being in Japan might be a drawback as a lot of BMW parts aren't avalable for overseas shipment.

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    Pete, when I went through this process, I determined I needed to make the bike (a) workable (b) rideable and (c) pretty.
    You say you want a rebuilt motor. What's wrong with the engine now? Needs new valves, rings, bored and new pistons?
    Speedos can be rebuilt - mine was -- for a lot less than buying a new one. Tachs -- I'm not so sure.
    A complete stock exhaust will set you back some bucks. Are you adverse to aftermarket, or is this to be a full-on restoration?
    Don't you have spoked wheels now?? If not, maybe your can swap-out wheels.
    Sources include Bob's BMW, Motobins, the IBMWRA and BMWMOA classifieds, The Parts Haus in California, and Re-Psycle
    in Ohio, as well as the aforementioned eBay. And, have you looked at this site:

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    And don't forget classifieds! Also check at for good how-to advice and also the BoxerWorks shop that runs that site may be of help.
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