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Thread: Northwest Passage and The North Coast of CA

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    Northwest Passage and The North Coast of CA


    As many of you know, I actually drove to Spokane. More on
    that later.

    Driving up 5 with the AC full-blast, tunage on the iPod. I'm
    finally on vacation!

    Heading up the Columbia River Gorge/395, I spy Rally mode ON!

    I was sworn to secrecy earlier. But now that it's over, I can
    reveal the location of all that is holy...maybe not holy. Let's
    shoot for sacred?

    Check it out! It's Shaq! you think there's a message here?

    Now to why I drove. A fellow rider went down in Goldendale,
    OR. Since I hadn't left, I offered to pick him and his bike up.

    Here's a shot of a KTM 950 wedged in the back of the truck
    (GMC Sierra). Rear wheel removed.

    The really cool thing is that if I hadn't done this, I would never
    have met Joel. He and his SO are artists and stored the bike for
    pickup later.

    No comments on riding attire please

    His SO made this. It's what I'd term performance art and is really
    cool. Heck, anything this big that incorporates flames and that
    you can walk through is really, really cool. This is Kasha posing
    with her work.

    Ok, now on to the MC part of the story.

    After dropping the bike and its' owner off, I re-packed and headed
    for the North Coast of CA. Heading up 1, I enjoyed one of the nicest
    days I've had on the coast. Here are a few shots.

    This is a monument to all sailers outbound for sea. Particularly
    those in the Coast Guard, Navy and Merchant Marine.

    I stopped at Stewarts Point and guess who I met? One of
    Spokane's ERC instructors. Who, coincedently, was my first
    MSF (well, pre MSF in the Bay Area) instructor! Holy cow!
    And, he was on a GS too! Guiding some friends around some
    of the fine twisty sections of the coast roads.

    Winding my way farther North, I stop at Van Dame State Park
    for a rest.

    From there, on to Russian Gulch where I spent the night.

    The next day, I headed up towards Legget. Stopping at the
    Cabrillo Point Light House. The complex is being restored. The
    lighthouse is complete and one of the keeper's houses is next.

    At the town of Rockport, the road curves inland and merges
    with 101. I speed down 101 headed for home. Past the towns
    of Ukiah and Willets. Hopland and Santa Rosa. I arrive at the
    Golden Gate and witness a ship crossing under the gate.

    I meet a K-bike captain from Chicago. We discuss possible routes
    to Santa Cruz. He's got two more weeks to get home. Lucky

    The coast offers some of the finest riding in California. On a clear
    day, you can see the Farallon Islands some 13 miles off of the
    Golden Gate. Enjoy the waves crashing on the rocks or a meal
    at any one of the myriad of little cafes scattered along the

    Every ride is different. Every year, bits and pieces of the
    coast are reclaimed and the road changes. The weather can
    be sunny and warm in the bananna belt (near Anchor Bay) or
    cold and windy (Manchester State Beach).

    If you come to California, I'd urge you to ride either the North
    or South Coast. I like the North for it's unpredictability, great
    scenic views and coastal communities.

    As a last picture, I offer this panorama of a beach along California's
    North Coast


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    Very cool Doood. Man did I look bad. I did not feel that bad.

    It isn't what you ride, it is if you ride

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    Gorgeous pictures!

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    Ian, thanks for the report. I enjoyed the pictures (even of Brad)

    And thank you for being the hero to the fallen rider, that was more than nice of you.

    Good to see you at Spokane.

    Tina Swider
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    Great report! I need to work on my photo skills. You take some great shots.
    Gale Smith
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