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Thread: Has anyone else seen this......

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    Smile Has anyone else seen this......

    I was slumming on the ADVrider pages (I do that sort of thing on occasion), and I came across this ride report.........

    This is great stuff, what most of us only dream of doing. It is a long, long, ride report, but well worth the read. Be warned do not click the link if you haven't got a few hours (or more) to kill it really sucks you in fast.

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    i read that thread daily, along with "coming to america."

    "took a little ride" is over and he (sean) is writing it up in retrospect.

    "coming to america" is in progress, the guy (mike) is a british dude 'inspecting the colonies.' he is in the pacific northwest right now, and shows no signs of slowing down. he claims he will end the trip when he runs out of money.

    both threads are super, and i like mike's best, because he has that dry british humor (ok, humour) and his observations on our culture, our food, our people, and our country are just fantastic.

    both threads are worth every second it takes you to download and read. they'll make you want to take off on an adventure of your own.

    a third is just getting going. this guy, strikingviking, seems to be living his life full tilt. he's in north-eastern russia with stents in his kidneys or something. totally nuts. he's headed to europe via siberia. look for 'striking viking bumming the world'

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