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Thread: Alaska/Inuvik Summer 09 on my R12GSA

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    Alaska/Inuvik Summer 09 on my R12GSA

    Thinking about making my third trip north, in as many summers. Last year to the arctic circle just out of Eagle Plains YT, further progress stopped by cold and snow, late August. This year I would like to forge ahead to Inuvik. That country is absolutely fascinating. Thinking about leaving NW Montana sometime in August (flexible), travelling through Jasper then west through Prince George then up the Cassiar. If you are going that way, you will enjoy the Cassiar. I think it actually extends north of the Alcan near Watson Lake, and I would like to ride that if it makes sense, but need to check my maps.

    I try to average about 500mi per day, except on the Dempster, so plan to be out less than 14 days. I normally tent. Anyone headed that way in that time frame? Riding alone, one up, is often enjoyable, but more is better up there. I ride conservatively and am not driven to pass that car in front of me...unless of course, it simply going too slow. Can always be reached at .

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    I am heading up there June 26 with a buddy and our wives. We have a month for the ride and it is my 3rd time also. Why are you going so late?

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    I'm headed up in late May/early June. I plan to pick up a bike in PA, head to MN to visit relatives, then head up the Alcan around Memorial Day or a few days before to home in Anchorage. Looks like a little earlier than you folks but if you know anyone heading up around then, give me a shout. thx

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    Checkout these threads on ADV Rider for some good info on riding to Alaska this summer. Enjoy the ride.
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    Change of plans. We are now departing from Bellingham on the 30th of May. Up to Prince George, W to Cassiar, Watson Lake to Carmack on the Robert Campbell Hwy, Dawson City, Top of the World, Tok, Glennallen. Havent decided route for return. Should be another great ride. If you see a heavy R12GSA with a 650GS, its us....say hello. Ride safe.

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