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Thread: Spring Tune Up

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    Spring Tune Up

    I'll be hosting the Fruehlings Tune-up Fest again this year on April 3-5.

    A handfull of airheads from Kentucky, Ohio and Illinois came in last year to fix bikes, grill meat and have a good time.

    I have indoor space for carpet camping, room for tents in the yard weather permitting and cheap motels within a mile.

    It's not a high-tech tech weekend, but more a time to do regular maintenance with other guys who might have more experience, or the right tools or are willing to hold the light.

    Last year one guy replaced pushrod tube seals, several sets of carbs were synched, and various nuisance issues were resolved.

    I provided meals from Friday evening through Sunday breakfast (donation jar to cover costs), with a couple guys volunteering be Grillmeisters. It turns out the dining was one of the highlights of the weekend.

    Space is limited so I'm not publishing the address to limit unexpected drop-ins. All are welcome, though, so contact me via PM and I'll hook you up with more info. There is still indoor camping and couch space--contact me soon to get dibs.

    And last, this is a non-denominational tech weekend. It started life as an airhead thing, but oilers need love, too. All BMW models/riders are welcome.

    PM me for more info,
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