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Thread: My 600 mile observations on a Rocket III

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    My 600 mile observations on a Rocket III

    I took a short ride today back to Cascade Moto Classics in Beaverton, Oregon to say hi to some great folks. It's my first visit since riding off on my new R3T December 30, 2008. I now have 575 miles on the Beast & needed to make an appointment to get my break-in service at 800 miles. Bike shops are all closed on Mondays around here so next Tuesday was my next free day off. The service manager actually asked me when I'd like to bring the bike in for the service. That may not mean much to you but in 23 years of riding BMWs I've always been TOLD when I could bring in a bike, not asked what would be convenient for me.

    I need to get a custom solo saddle made. I need a higher windshield, possibly 4-6 inches higher. I need a throttle lock, most likely a brakeman model. I need a trunk & have settled on the bedroll style classic touring bag by Kuryakyn. I'm also looking into louder horns.

    I find the R3T enormously attractive, potentially extremely comfortable & a true touring motorcycle. The engine runs smooth & quiet, has little or no vibration & pulls like a mule. I like the heel/toe shifter, my first. The transmission chunks into each gear with a no doubt feel & sound. The front brakes could be better compared to the Brembo brake systems on my last two BMWs. I miss anti-lock brakes(my own personal opinion).

    I look forward to many fun miles on my bike and hope to continue becoming more comfortable with the R3T's handling characteristics. I can't wait for better weather & longer rides. My longest to date was 181 miles.

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    I saw one the other day at my BMW dealer, as he sells Triumph too. The windshield removal was a first for me. It comes off so easily for riding in the wind, if one desires. Kind of neat. Do not judge all BMW Dealers the same as your Oregon experiences with them. My dealer is perhaps an exceptional one and I've heard others are too, with better customer concerns than what you've experienced. I know the rotten ones exist, but this is industry wide. I know I can ride in just about "anytime" and get my bike looked at, especially in winter months. Tires, never a wait. Yep, a BMW/Triumph Dealer! You ever ride into Central CA. on your new R3T, stop by Cycle Specialties for a look see in Modesto and tell'em how happy you are with your Trumpet. They'll be glad to see you. I know one thing, the Triumphs have a great lookling line up of bikes they offer, as I like the traditional looking twins they build. Randy

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    Nothing like a smooth riding machine. How about bringing it down to Tennessee for a showing?

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    What about the weight? Have you found it to be a problem when not "straight-lining" down the highway?

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    Quote Originally Posted by 75571 View Post
    What about the weight? Have you found it to be a problem when not "straight-lining" down the highway?

    Actually just the opposite is true. The bike holds it's line better than my RT with less input required. The low center of gravity combine with the 300 extra pounds of weight probably accounts for this. 5-10 mph parking lot turns, however, are more of a challenge.

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    Regarding loud horns: I've put these on 2 Yamahas and my "new" BMW: I use the TM-80s, one hi and one lo total about $26 including shipping. Put a relay in place. These pups are loud!

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