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Thread: Insurance costs in Chicago-poll

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    Insurance costs in Chicago-poll

    Hello everyone. My insurance policy for my airheads (78R100rs, 92r100r) is going to come due in February/March and I was wondering what others in the area may be paying in annual premium. My premium is about $300/YR- which seems a good deal- for full coverage, $250K, liability, $250 deductible, but my carrier-Farmers'- is not writing new policies, although it will renew the old ones.

    Fire away....


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    State farm $400 each for my bikes.

    Dairyland $337 for BOTH bikes.

    Guess who I switched to....

    these would be Rockford rates and Chicago.
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    Chicago Motorcycle Insurance

    Farmers costs me $300 per year for excellent coverage on my '05 1150GSA, which includes replacement value on riding apparel if they have to cut it off of me, or if it is ruined in a fall. I also insure my house, condo and 2 cars with them, so maybe that is a factor as well as having been with them 16 years and only one claim for a smashed windshield.

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    Allstate -

    $120 /year on my 85 K100. Belonging to BMWMOA was good for a discount.

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    Thank you for responses.

    Thank you all for your input. If I discover something better, I will pass it along...

    Eduardo, 78 rs.

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    Insurance Claims

    To add to the original question - Not only should we be watching the rates insurance companies charge us, but we should also worry about how these low rate insurance companies handle claims. This includes claims for repairs, for medical and protection against lawsuits. I know that two of the popular lower rate insurance companies spent money on hiring a few twenty something cuties to hand out bags and advertise for them at the motorcycle show. Most of the time I am a firm believer in you get what you pay for thats kind of why I ride a BMW. But the difference in matching coverage quotes from BMW MOA sponsored insurance to others for the same coverage can be several hundred dollars. So I throw this out, for those of use who have had to use your motorcycle insurance, how did they treat you and what company was it?? Was saving a hundred bucks worth the coverage? I would especially like to hear from those of us who have had any litigation associated with the claim. Thanks in advance.

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    State farm in Kansas - older bikes - 500K liability plus uninsured/underinsured was between $80 and $90 per year. State Farm - same coverage transferred to really rural Texas - was over $500 per year. The agent said "State Farm doesn't like to insure motorcycles in Texas, I switched 6 bikes, 2 cars and the house to Farmers. Rates now comparable to what we had in Kansas.

    Excellent experience with State Farm claims. Don't know about Farmer's.

    But who is OK and not OK distinctly varies state to state. I'd been with State Farm in Iowa, North Dakota, North Carolina and Kansas with multiple vehicles for 43 years. But not in Texas - no way!!
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    In Ontario for me anyways: Being a BMW rider gets me a 'special' rate of $850 per year. For my Honda VFR, its another $850 per year with another insurance co. The BMW insurance co. will not insure the Honda as it considers it a sports bike, and the Honda insurance co. will no insure the BMW as its over 1000cc. Go figure..

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    American Family is about 300.00 YR for full coverage on a 93 K11RS on the NW side of Chicago (in the city).

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    I'm in MO, but last year after being with Prog***** for 5 years, they cut my premium in half and gave me 3 more months of coverage. Get the add on tow ins. Used 3 times, once well over 100 miles. You know how close the nearest dealer is sometimes.

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    I think mine is about $160 / year with progressive. Met Life(who I still have auto with) was going to charge $300 or more when I wanted to add another bike. When my ins agent called me back with the news about progressive I thought she was kidding! I didnt hesitate to switch.

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