Looking for input on helmet selection. I am familiar with DOT/Snell and SHARP ratings. I currently use a Schuberth C1 and its in need of replacement since; a) I just want a new helmet, b) its is getting a little old and c) I was recently fitted by the Arai factory guy at the DC show and now know my C1 is way to big--and I really just want a new helmet.

I am at about 59.5cm and the Arai guy recommended the Profile as I have sort of a long oval head. I tried the Profile, but it seems to fit a tad (not terribly) tight in the rear of my head (maybe needs "broken in??"). My other choice seems to be the Shoei RF-1000 (I had an RF-900--now I know it was too big too) and I liked it at the time. I have been somewhat taken in by the flip-up style, but can't find one I feel comfortable with (that I can afford or is sold in the US), and from what I'm reading, I'm leaning for more of the safey angle of the traditional full face.

I am overwhelmed with info at this point (I think I've burned out Webbikeworld's helmet page) but would still like to hear from others' experiences.