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Thread: New High Viz Jacket:)

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    New High Viz Jacket:)

    By Olympia, sold at my BMW Dealer. I just got one shipped to me and its enroute. The AST Olympia is has gotten rave reviews by many, so thought it would do me well too. We'll see. My first "High Viz" anything and I will look like a canary riding down the road, but I liked the idea, so here goes! I've been wearing a similar Kilimanjaro(First Gear) for years and years and its been a great ride with it, but time to change and the new Olympia looks very very well done to me, with all the characteristics my Kilimanjaro had and more. Anybody else ride HIGH VIZ stuff to be seen? I will now and at 56, I need to be seen and want to ride into my senior years as long as possible. Randy

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    Hi, when I was at the Very Boring Rally II, I purchased a Darien in Hi Viz.

    My kids are mercilous in their teasing of me............Regards, Rod.
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    First, Polarbear Clovis, CA; howd those two things combine? Just curious. My wife has the Olympia Hi Viz. She loves it. We rode through 11 days out of 14 in heavy rain last ǣsummer on a trip to MT and she had nary the leak.
    Kevin Huddy
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    Thumbs up

    I have the AST hi-viz and have been in several heavy rains with it and never got wet. I have not had any issues with the zippers or seals.
    Being in TX. with the heat I have found that opening the zippers on the arms makes me feel hotter so I just leave them closed and keep open the chest and back which seems to have adequate air flow when moving. When stopped well.. Put a fork in me as I am done.

    Also, Be prepared for people to look at you and tell you that they can see you or to turn that thing off.

    Good luck with it.
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    Great Decision

    I own both an Airglide and an AST from Olympia in the HiVis and am very satidfied with my purchase. Their products are a very good value and I really felt like I did my homework when comparing vendors with regard to style, construction and price.

    Here in Chicago during the summer, it was common for bees and hornets to migrate toward the color, as they might have been thinking flowers. Happened numersous times. But what I really have noticed is how the cages in front of me move over to the right as though I am some sort of LEO. Seriously! White helmet and Piaa 910's always on with the bike's regular headlamp and it is like magic the way cars move right. I will not however, let this get my guard down and think HIVIS is the answer to protecting myself. Defensive driving and awareness of the area travelled is my key. Ride safe.
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    I've been using the AST off/on for about 20 months and been quite happy with it. There is one thing to look out for w/ the AST, make sure the slide buckles are loose otherwise you may get a bit of water coming through. Temperature wise, I use a fleece vest when it hits the 40's, the liner in the mid 30s, 70+ I go mesh. On the comfort front, mine was broke in after about 20-30 hours.

    On the visibility front, my wife and some friends seen me on her way home from work over a mile away in traffic. Then again I still get the occasional cage that likes to lane share w/o asking 1st in traffic Then I use the electric air horn It occasionally gets ignored too

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    I just bought a new Kilimanjaro left over from last year's stock for $150. It's yellow, but not quite Hi-viz, yet more so than the black leather I was wearing.

    1 week. So far, so good.

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    Got a hi-viz Olympia in the fall - awesoem piece of equipment

    Like how it is put together and performs.

    will probabaly get a hi-viz Glide for the hotter weather

    Good Choice you will be happy
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    I got the Olympia Airglide in high viz too this past summer. Got the airmesh over pants in silver too. I like the idea of the high viz and I needed gear with body armour. I'm happy with the quality and hope I never have to find out how good they really are. I have a leather Hein Gericke jacket and overpants that cost me a fortune 20 yrs ago. They are of the highest quality and still in great shape BUT no body armour.

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    I bought a Hi-Viz Olympia Moto Sports jacket about 10 months ago and it has become my jacket of choice here in N FL. From the beginning it was obvious that motorists could see me and that they were far more courteous than before. Due to the summer heat and humidity I will purchase either the new Olympia Hi-Viz summer mesh jacket for the really hot 4>5 months we have in sunny FL or the one piece mesh outfit that Olympia manufactures. It would be convenient to be able to wear shorts and a light shirt under a protective outer suit.
    Ride Safe

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    Smart move to get the Hi-Viz! It's the new black! I spoke with a Scorpion rep who told me Hi-viz is becoming the next big thing in riding apparel. Before it was "nerdy", but now apparently, it's a sign of an intelligent rider. Gotta agree!

    Hi-Viz Scorpion helmet and Olympia vest. Not shown - headlight modulator.

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    I just got a TourMaster Transition 2 in Hi Viz Yellow and I love it with my TM heated jacket liner in it. It is real warm (at least down to 20 so far) and I can get onto the military base without an additional vest. I also like that a medium is a true medium (for me anyway).
    It is a nice fit and well done plus cost effective jacket.

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    Purchased my first Hi-Viz at the Toronto Bike show. The Scorpion Commander seemed to have many useful features. I had to have it shipped to me as they seem to be in demand and understocked.

    Also picked up the EXO-1000 helmet... in black! Should all go well with my sun yellow GS!

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    Olympia Jacket

    I was going to buy the HI Rez AST but since I am in FL, I decided to go with the airglide instead. However, I found a new black airglide for 1/2 price so I decided to go with black. I much prefer the Hi Rez. I think it is a cool looking jacket and I plan on purchasing an AST in Fall 09.

    I heard lots of good things about the Olympia products.
    Deepak Menon
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    I have the Olympia hiv vis airglide

    Best remark so far from Harley Ableson riding co-worker

    "I would not be caught dead in that"

    I was ready, said "that is kinda the point"

    Every once and a while, things go right!


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