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Thread: NEXX Helmets

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    NEXX Helmets

    Anyone have experience with NEXX helemts? I saw them for the first time at the NY Show and have a mild interest. They seem to be a scooter helmet but look like they could be used for motorcycling. Most of the time I wear a Nolan flip up but on my /2 I like to use a Davida 3/4 coverage. The Davida is DOT, the NEXX had a DOT sticker on the back but I would still like to hear about them.
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    I bought a black and white pinstriped Vintage at the show out here. Fit is great, though I haven't really been out to ride with it beyond just locally.

    It's going to be warm today, so I'm going to pull the /2 out for a little cruise. I'll wear the Nexx and report back. Let's just say that after years and years of full face helmets, it feels a little odd and quite noisy to wear a helmet like that.
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    i like the brown on brown x60 a lot.

    i probably wore my hjc half helmet more this year than i did my full face, i've had it nearly 5 years and its' getting a little beat.

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