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Thread: System 5 Helmet

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    Quote Originally Posted by gened12 View Post

    That might work, but you will get a better response if you say:

    Puis-je acheter un casque syteme cinq s'il vous plait?

    Pouey_je achetay un kask system synch sil_vou_play? (OK my phonetic spelling is not perfect but it should work...)

    Denis's French is correct (and phonetic spelling ok).
    But if you are actually trying to 'negotiate' a sale at a Paris BMW dealer, that level of French will not convince any salesperson you are French (not American).
    I suspect most Paris BMW sales staff understand/ speak English better than that level of French. If so, you may as well use American English.

    If the issue becomes: "will you sell this System 5 to me as an American [since that's what I am, obviously]" and the BMW dealer refuses/ is reluctant because you are American, you could try offering to pay directly in cash Euros (not US credit card or Traveler's checks). A cash sale leaves no paperwork trail that might come back to haunt the dealer. Then, the dealer has to balance the value of the sale vs. very unlikely consequences of "disobeying the BMW policy."

    Let's be clear: there is a BMW corp policy/ embargo against selling System helmets to US citizens. The policy was first imposed in ~ 1998, with intro of the System 4. The BMW Legal Dept imposed this policy on BMW Motorrad & all retail dealers worldwide, because of the Legal Dept's assessment of possible legal risks by (us) litiguous Americans.

    However, that policy is not necessarily well-known/ re-enforced at BMW retail sales level, and even when known, is often ignored. It all depends on local country & dealer circumstances at the specific time you are attempting the purchase. Many US citizens--including me--have bought System helmets overseas without hassle or with minimal hassle. I have even had a BMW employee-salesperson at a major BMW-company owned dealership in Germany offer to sell me a BMW Carbon helmet if I payed in cash (ATM across the street) so there was no paper trail.

    It's all fairly stupid....just realize, you takes your chances in trying to buy

    Also--don't forget, the System 5 is a good helmet, but it ain't necessarily worth a lot of extra effort to obtain just because it's "forbidden." Most important is that a helmet fits you. Beyond that, many helmets are of "equal" quality & more easily obtained (for Americans) than the System helmet, including Schubert, Arai, Shoei, jadda jadda.

    Good luck!

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    I very much liked my System IV until I took it off one day and dropped it. I might have tried getting parts for it but the small plastic piece that held the visor in one of the four open positions had just broken.

    I usually spend one afternoon walking up the Champs Elysee to the Arch and the BMW (and Ducati) dealer is just past it on the Avenue des Grandes Armees. I stopped in last year just to see what they looked like and might do it again. I'd like to get something just as a souvenir of Paris.

    I'd never pass for a local; broken French, big camera, messenger bag, beret. But what a beautiful city. 7th trip!

    Bon chance.

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    Smile If you are really hard bent about it

    Hey if any of you guys is really hard bent about buying the system V helmet and do not want to take a trip to Montreal, Toronto or Vancouver where no one is going to question wether you are from Ontario or Oregon (hint...) then you may PM me and I can arrange something if you wish. I do not work for any BMW dealers or anywhere related to the motorcycle business, nor do I want to make any money whatsoever helping out a fellow BMW rider.

    I agree wholeheartedly with the previous posts. One should buy a helmet with the best fit in mind and not the fact that it is forbidden...

    One observation. I owned a Concept and loved it. The fit was perfect for me, the inner tinted visor was a blessing to me since I wear glasses. My only complaint was that the outer visor would not stay cracked open when riding above 50 mph. That made the helmet hot to wear in the dead of summer. I crashed my 1200GS off-road and the helmet did a wonderful job. I had to replace it and decided to get the C2.

    Same size but the helmet never felt quite right and developed pressure points. This got to be very annoying on 500 miles + days. Last fall my local dealer held an end of season clearance sale and I bought the system V for 50% off. I could not pass it up. Same tight fit as a typical Schubberth but roomier around the ears and a lot more comfortable to wear. On the minus side it does not have an internal sun visor.

    I found that the prices are better on this side of the pound. (still serious money!) I intend to visit my dealership over the weekend and will post the current prices for system V helmets.

    Amuses-toi bien a Paris. Profites du vin et des fromages fins.


    Denis R1200RT

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    System 5/6

    I had a friend pick up a System 5 for me in Amsterdam a couple of years ago--no muss, no fuss. The System 6 with drop down sun visor has been announced, but not sure when it will be available. I've been wearing BMW helmets since the System II and the sizing has been very consistent.

    Steve Reynen

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