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Thread: Cliffy Track Day Report? or lack of

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    Cliffy Track Day Report? or lack of

    Cliffy. I thought I saw some mention that you were going to attend a track day on July 4 this year.

    Did you attend, I noticed that you have changed your avatar and wondered if there could be somnething to this?

    Don't tell me Dad woudn't let you take his scooter.

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    You are most observant Grasshopper.

    My lack of a report is due to the fact that I submitted a story to Sandy Cohen for the ON. It would be redundant for it to appear here and there. Look for an anniversary report on the Rockster along with a review of our Track Day in a future issue.
    The "negative view" is a reference to the Avatar being a negative of a picture - not a bad mark against the track sport.
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    I am looking forward to the publication of your upcoming article. Hope it comes out soon.

    See ya

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