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    Thank You

    I just returned from my first BMWMOA rally and would like to thank everyone who volunteered as well as all of the chairs for a wonderful time.

    I had fun working a shift in the beer tent and jsut as much fun being on the other side as well. The logistics to put on such an event must be similar if not greater than organisnig a county fair.

    I thought it was well organized and planned and a real success despite the heat.

    I truly enjoyed myself but really, Brian and Sue what were you thinking when you picked Lima, Ohio?

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    Jackie Hughs did a fantastic job on this rally.

    KUDOS to Jackie and all the volunteers, it takes many people to run a rally.

    This one was great.
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    Hear hear.

    Absolutely great job. Showed up Tuesday morning to assist with the registration setup. Met some new people, worked a bit then met some more new people.

    Jackie and chairs. Job well done. I "camped" at a local extended stay with my wife, who looked at me as if I had a third eye when I suggested staying on site in a tent. Smart call on her part...!!

    Thanks again.


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    All: Thanks for giving credit to the vols for a great rally. Too often it is the "whiners" who are heard. It's nice to see members giving credit to folks for what was indeed a job well done.

    In regard to '05, Sue and Brian did not pick the site. The Rally Site Selection Team made the recommendation and the Board approved. There are a lot of things we need to consider when choosing a site besides the roads. The Board was aware that roads in the immediate vacinity were not stellar....

    Someone mentioned Chillicothe was a great site. Wish they had told the RSST about it when they were looking for an '05 site. Bit late to tell them about it now.... Really folks, if you know of a great potential site, please let Chuck Manley (Chairman) know about it. He is very good about sending a team to investigate these sites, but he has to know they exist!

    For my two cents, you betcha this was a well organized and successful Rally. Jackie and all the vols did a hellofa job.

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    Hawk, I posted about Chillicothe in this forum last year as a possible site. It would make a fantastic place to have a rally, really great roads, and scenery for Ohio.
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    Lorazepam: We are looking at potential rally site 2-3 years in advance of the actual rally date (yeh, it takes that much planning). But if you (or anyone else) have a suggestion for a site, contact Chuck Manley direct, keeping in mind the timelag. Thanks!

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    This was my first rally so I didn't know what to expect. It was more fun than I ever expected.

    I was really impressed with the staffing and volunteer system. Things seemed to move along with few signs of stress or anger, unusual for an event of this magnatude. Jackie's friendly, laid back yet efficient style seemed to permeate throughout the whole show.

    I served on the convention committee for another organization for several years. I know there were hitches and crises along the way. There always are. It's all in how they are handled. This crew did an exempliary job with each.

    It's not the site, it's not the weather, it's the atmosphere. The atmosphere was perfect. My thanks go out to Jackie and the MOA staff and volunteers! You made me start wishing Lima-time was next month instead of next year.
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    music & beer

    As great as the rally was (and it was my first BIG BMW rally) the best part had to be the Music and the volunteers in the beer tent .. for a very reasonable cost cold beer was served up with a smile and the music Thu and Fri night rocked.

    I knew Spokane gets hot in summer, but that heat was something else ... but people knew where to obtain relief, eh ? ... judging by the empties, Kokanee was by far the most popular ... brewed right in Creston, BC ... way 'da go!

    from BC.

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