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Thread: swing arm pivot (update)

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    swing arm pivot (update)

    After reading my Clymer's manual and speaking with Ted Porter @ the Beemer Shop, about my loose Para lever housing. Ted told me that the needle bearings are very robust and has repaired very few, Ted's recomended tear in to and retourqe the bolts and nut. As I took the bike apart I noticed that the right side pivot bolt has backed out about a 1/4'. Damn! I noticed anti-seize on the threads, WTF. I took out both pivot bolts and the lock nut, and cleaned the threads, Apply Red loctite, checked bearings for smooth rolling action, reasembled, tourqed, put bike back together. Now food taste better, I can hear the birds sing, I sleep better, I ride with confidence and authourity. All because I Know the job was done correctly!!!!!

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    way to go!
    another satisfied customer of the DIY Beemer Shop, located in Your Town, USA (i understand they have expanded to locales all around the world!)
    Ride Safe, Ride Lots

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