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Thread: Need some help..... thanks

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    Need some help..... thanks

    Hi to every one. I'm starting to plan a 17 day ride from Mexico City to Baja California driving north to San Diego and then turning east to Texas (Laredo), on eastern.

    I would appreciate if someone can give me some advise how to ride from San Diego to Laredo, which places we might visit, etc.

    I think we will be about 5 or 6 bikes, maybe more, we all are driving GS's... thanks to everyone again

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    Arizona: I10E is the fastest, easiest and most boring.

    Alternate: Get a state map at the CA-AZ border and turn South at Tucson toward Nogales. Zig-zag East on state roads to Douglas. Take the dirt road that cuts across Coronado National Forest, then heads into Animas, NM from the South. You'll miss all the funny signs on the road into Animas, since they are all for Southbound travel. Coronado NF is famous among bird watchers. Gas in Douglas, none after that.

    New Mexico:
    I10E is the fastest, easiest and most boring.

    Alternate 1-At Lordsburg, turn South to Animas, catch NM 9 and take into El Paso. Good road, little traffic, except Border Patrol and trucks that are bringing in border-fence supplies. Gas in Lordsburg, Animas, Hachita, Columbus, and El Paso.

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    Thank you, Im looking to buy some maps, and a friend told me he had some too. I appreciate your information

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