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Thread: Numb Hands, Fat Grips & Warm Gloves

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    Numb Hands, Fat Grips & Warm Gloves

    I ride an '89 K75C. If I ride it with with summer weight gloves (no padding or insulation in the palm) I am fine. But the moment I change to warmer gloves I end up with numb and crampy hands. I am 6'3" but have realtively smaller hands.

    I am wondering if I can get grips with a smaller circumferance (sp?) that will allow me to wear warm gloves with out this craziness.

    Luckily I live in LA, but even here it gets cold. I woke up to ice on the puddles and heavy frost ( I know ....poor baby!) and the commute requires warm gloves.


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    Could try heated grips...... In your area with heated grips and summer gloves might do the trick for ya.
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    Thick gloves numbing and cramping hands

    My thick winter gloves fit fine in the store, but after a couple of hours they get uncomfortable. I started wearing glove liners under my summer weight leather gloves and they really did the trick. Not only warm, but I maintained much of the dexterity I had with the thinner gloves.

    I've got a pair of these BMW silk glove liners, and the work really well under my pair of Lee Parks gloves. I've seen other brands online for just a bit less.
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    warm gloves


    That happened to me, with my R 100 RS. Somehow, a set of fat Harley foam grips got installed, and when I rode it with my rain gloves, Marmot Mountain Ice Climbing gloves, my hands would numb out.

    I had my tech install a skinny, standard grip (you can get different thicknesses), and sold the Marmots.

    For gloves, I have four layering systems in my tankbag, and just use the combination that works for the day. The outer layers are the excellent Aerostich triple digit gortex rain shells.

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    I was experiencing similar situation as well with grips and gloves.

    When I got the bike, it had pretty fat grips with the throttle control paddle molded in.

    I switched back to the stock grips and man what a difference.

    I do miss the paddle so I'm going to get the throttle control wrap that's like 10 bucks.

    No more numb hands though. h

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    I want to avoid installing heated grips, it seems just like one more thing to fiddle with, and our weather is pretty mild. I will see if I can get some "skinnier" grips and have been trying out liners with my summer gloves. The silk liners, plus summer gloves plus fat grips still gives me some grief, but not as much as snow boarding gloves and fat grips. Perhaps some good winter MC gloves would be better suited to the task.

    When I am on the open road I use a throttle lock which is a relief on a long ride, but doesn't cut it in LA rush hour traffic.

    I also installed hand guards which break the wind stream and make the summer weight gloves more viable.

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    Silk liners here. Good price and fast response.
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    I ride daily in temps down to 21 F so far. Heated grips are not just something to fool with, they are NICE (stock BMW). Lee Parks deerskin gloves with a polypro liner and the heated grips are good for most situations down here. Occasionally I want handguards for my K75 because the backs of my fingers/hands get a little cool, but I haven't sprung for them yet.

    I am getting a set of Olympia Cold Throttles for Xmas...We'll see if I still want the handguards.

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    Quote Originally Posted by JHGilbert View Post
    I ride daily in temps down to 21 F so far. Heated grips are not just something to fool with, they are NICE (stock BMW).
    In those kind of temps I agree, thet are not just a fiddle. In So Cal, they probably are more of something "nice to have." I will see what I can do with different combos of gloves and grips.

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    I have posted before the utility of glove liners for CTS people like myself. They also insulate temperature as well as vibration. Go to for glove liners or any store like Dick's will have them to try on. I also use the thinner grips, thus allowing a looser grip by my hands when riding.
    BTW, whats with people in southern CA needing to stay warm? Bunch of wusses out there it would seem?

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    Are your gloves the right size? I used to have a pair of winter gloves that were too narrow across the heel of my hand and they made my hands hurt. Going to a larger size eliminated the problem. When my hands were just loose, not grabbing the bars, they felt fine, but when I grabbed the bars, it made my hand's heel spread just enough to make the gloves too tight.
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    Look at these

    I have a similar problem with my bike. I noticed that if I changed my hand position, even slightly, the numbness went away. I came across these gloves and I think this might solve my problem. My size is backordered right now but even if they weren't, its -42 outside right now so I won't be checking them out anytime soon.

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    The Olympia Cold Throttles are just not that impressive. I think the liners and the Lee Parks are almost as good without the bulk. I'll keep them and wear them, but if it was really cold out, I'd use a thin liner, if only to wick the sweat away.

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    i started wearing my bicycle gloves underneath the heated gloves and seems to work with distributing the heat a little better.

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